The short version: 
Heroic work ethic. Top-notch chops. Bathes regularly.

The longer, 50% gushier version:
When you go through the work, it’s always Burke’s stuff that’s hanging out in the sliver of the Venn diagram where effective and engaging share a flat. It’s his stuff that makes an agency proud, other creatives jealous and clients unclench their woo-hoo for a change.

Beyond his professionalism, Burke’s a solid dude. Today’s modern warfare is highly mechanized and fought at a distance. Were it not, I’d gladly dig and hunker down in a foxhole with him. You’ll find this demeanor especially helpful when you’ve been cranking out ideas in a tiny room together for so long that it smells like the inside of a wooden leg.

In short, Burke’s the kinda guy you build your agency around. If you don’t have a Burke working in your creative department, you should probably get one. Not just some generic guy named Burke, either. Burke Lauderdale, dummy. He’s real good.



Aside from having the best name of anyone in advertising, Burke Lauderdale is an exemplary creative, and human person in general. He is one of those rare people you meet in life that have the facile ability to blend insane creative talent, with a high level intellect and rapier like humorous wit. He is a champion of ideas, embracer of strategy, and a truly curious mind. 

As his 'account guy', it was always a pleasure to work with Burke as he took the time to truly understand the challenge at hand, and in turn, to challenge me. He made me a better AD as a result. His departure leaves a big hole on the team, and we will all miss him. 

Aside from his freakish ability to bowl without using the finger holes in the ball, I would recommend Burke for any agency/creative opportunity that wants to be successful by hiring awesome people with cool names and amazing talent.

// MOM //


I don't really know what you do, but sure, I'll recommend you.
Do you want to talk to Dad?



Not only is Burke an amazingly creative art director, but he is also an art producer’s dream – he is talented, collaborative, has a great eye for photography (he’s an amazing photographer himself). He respects and understands usage and copyright and why they are important which I’ve found to be rare. I’ve worked with many talented creatives over the years and Burke absolutely on my “favorites” list. I consider myself lucky to have worked with him.

I'm so lucky to have been able to work with Burke. He thinks about the business as much (or more?) as the rest of us Account Management types. His work is on point, on strategy, and beautiful. He can overcome client obstacles by articulating how his work helps solve key business challenges, and he builds trust with client partners easily. Burke is delightful, and I hope you get to work with him too.



Burke is an anomaly in the ad agency world. An associate creative director that's hilarious but humble, brilliant but approachable, a perfectionist that's a joy to work with. He has been a mentor and pal to many, and the only thing he's known better for than great work is his genuine care for people.

Burke is the man. And everyone lucky enough to work with him knows it.



If you think you have to suffer to get great work, Burke’s not your man. He’s a talented, collaborative art director who makes getting there half the fun.





Burke Lauderdale is one of the most gifted art director and creatives I have had the privilege of knowing in the 28 years I have been in the industry.

He is remarkably clear-sighted and focused on producing the finest work possible. He has a very firm handle on the industry and a keen insight to what is popular. Another unusual quality he has is that is is very collaborative which I have rarely encountered in this industry. His ego is hard to find and he always seems to place what is best for the project first. He is also a solid member of society with a clear set of principals which he never imposes, but which consistently guide him along the way.

Personally he is also one of the funniest people I know, which makes the battlefield trenches of the advertising world much more pleasant.

I fervently offer my enthusiastic recommendation to anyone who may be considering him as I have no doubt they will also discover his many many fine qualities.

I would be happy to speak with anyone further about his prospects; Arnold Worldwide is losing one of the finest creatives to pass through our doors in many years.



I put Burke on the list of most valuable art directors. He not only is a conceptual thinker capable of coming up with big ideas but he is also capable and willing to handle a very busy workload. Burke has proven he can work on multiple clients at a time and meet every deadline.

Burke is a pleasure to work with and I have no trouble recommending him for any other agency.



Burke knows what he's doing. Seriously. He's able to art direct simply and with style. His original design and layouts are hard to top. And he's a great partner with an endless stream of ideas. Burke is the guy you want to work with. End of story.